Business opportunites in the caribbean, easy retirement, retirement ideas, yachts

Business opportunities, easy retirement options, and Joint Ventures in the beautiful Caribbean ....... .

AMETHYSTSHIPS will soon be introducing an exciting new web service which will provide indepth advice about how to retire inexpensively in The Caribbean, AND ENJOY LIFE MORE.

Visit this web site occasionally to see how our new retirement project is progressing. Or, you can send us your e-mail address, and we will notify you when the service is fully operational.


OUR E-MAIL ADDRESS:- [email protected]


At the end of each "Business Description", you will find the business owner's phone number, in the Caribbean. You can call them direct, for exact information about how you can live in our perennial summer .



p.s. Tell us how we can be of more service to you; send us an e-mail.

And, You may be wondering why there are several pages on this web site about 'Logic'. The answer is very simple - this web service is essentially about FREEDOM, and you cannot be free if you cannot think for yourself ! Therefore, there is a brief overview of logic and logical subjects. It is meant only to intrigue you, since acquiring skills in logic is quite difficult. (especially after the natural skills have been confused by the great pressure from 'dumbing down', so pervasive in all our societies ...).

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